Double Coat´s Carmela Soprano


is a registered as deadgrass, but is obviously a brown Chesapeake Bay Retriever bitch born on the 20-05-2018. 

  • Health Tests:
  • ​Hips - C
  • Elbows- 0
  • DM - Normal by inheritance (both parents normal)
  • Tracking results:
  • Obedience results:
  • Field trial results: ​
  • Show results 2019
  • 2 CC´s , 2 BOB and BIG-2 junior in 2  shows
  • ​Show results in total: ​ As an adult: 2 CC and 2 BOB
  • As a puppy: BOB x 3 and BIS-3 puppy x 2 Titles: 
  • Owner: Ulf Johannesson, Ellen Weiss & Kennel Goldflame´s
  • Breeder:  DOUBLE COAT'S Hemsida:                            1: Lindström Catharina 2: Lindström Kaj



Exterior: She´s got a lovely well balanced front. Deep chest, great width of her thighs. A bit more muzzle would have been great and perhaps a tiny bit more rounded ribcage - but on overall she is what we were looking for. She is a bitch that which complemented our needs in future breeding!

Mentality: Social, interested and forward. And she is a Chesapeake so she is quite independent, intelligent but much more impulsive than her half sister Hagel. For Robyn she has been the perfect training companion, eager to please and on her toes all the time. Now she the goal is to make her suitable for Ulf and Ellen´s needs and lifestyle. 

Hunting description: Uncomplicated! She has a natural easiness to switch on an off and a great energy in her work. She is consistent, hard working and eager to please. Ulf is working with her to become the dog he needs for his work tracking, retrieving and searching for game during his work and hunts.

Obedience: Prepared for beginners class 

Please note that these are our descriptions of our dog, we try to be objective and not biased but...