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Actually it began in the -80´s but those american cockers and cockers, was never involved in our breeding, but they made us certain that spaniels was the thing. So when Martin bought his first ESS from Ulla Larsson at kennel Rowntree in 1993 it just took him two years to come up with a breeding plan. As he was too young to start a kennel on his own, so his mum Kerstin Adner was a part of the kennel in the beginning. As the first bitch was named SU(U)CH Rowntre Exquisite Taste of Gold, he spun on different names with a golden theme and ended up with Goldflames which was approved by the Swedish Kennel Club.  Robyn was added in 2000 with her American cockers and up to year 2006 we had bred 23 litters and 124 puppies in three different spaniel breeds (ESS, Cocker & American Cocker). We have owned or bred 13 CC winners and 20 Champions.   We have owned over 50 dogs that has been with us for training and 1st prices in field trial, tracking, obedience and search.  But we are still new to the retrievers Though we are not new to breeding:  as our males had been sireing 287 puppies in Sweden and was cause to over 600 grand children just in this country. ​​ and Martin has worked as a show judged on most breeds. We are starting over again in 2016! We did hunt with both the american cockers, the cockers and the springers - but we did show them too, and did tracking, retrieving etc etc. But as our daughters was born with severe asthma and allergies we had to put everything on hold, ​ and almost lost hope as they could not be around any kind of animals, but in 2015 we had a break through and in 2016 we´re starting up again. ​

The goal is to breed dogs that hunt, that are easy to work with and that looks like the breed standard - and if you aim for the stars, you´ll at least be able to reach the tree tops. So we will aim high!


Kennel Goldflame´s
Martin & Robyn "Cicci" Adner
Södergatan 15
514 34 Tranemo
Sweden ​
Phone  +46704547465       +46702819545


Kennel Goldflames sida om oss eller pagae about us and Springer Spaniel & Chesapeake Bay Retriever is about gun dogs and retrieving with information about puppies puppy valpar valp of ESS, English Springers Spaniels and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. It is also about breeding, training, teaching, trimming, Field Trial training, showing, hunting over gun dogs at kennel Goldflames in Tranemo in Sweden. Sidan handlar om fågelhundar och retrievers födda eller tränade av oss på Kennel Goldflames vi har både Springer och Chessie och föder upp valpar eller valp av både ESS och Chesapeake. Men sidan handlar också om Martin och Robyn Cicci Adner, avel, uppfödning, träning, jakt, blogg, kurser, trimning, vårt trim, domare, utställning, jaktträning, spanieljakt, retrieverträning och jaktspaniels från Tranemo i Sverige